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5 of the Best Hair Restoration Options

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You’ve probably heard the saying, “Losing your hair isn’t an option. Going bald is.” While this may have started out as a way to make men feel better about their thinning locks, it doesn’t have a leg to stand on with current progress in the hair loss field!

You know how several options to prevent both baldness and hair loss. And no – we aren’t just talking about hair plugs and hair transplants. These are alternatives for men who want a more natural look without any unsightly scarring.

1 – Medications That Stimulate Hair Growth

Hair loss can be treated through medicines meant to treat hair loss. You can either use topical medications, or pill medications to help with your hair loss.

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One of the most popular topical treatments is Rogaine, which is applied directly to the scalp. It doesn’t require a prescription and can be found at many stores.

A very popular pill is Propecia, which only requires that you take 1, 1mg pill per day. This treatment can take anywhere from 12 to 18 months, but is generally considered a very effective prescription option for treating hair loss in men.

2 – PRP or Plasma Rich Platelets for Hair Loss

Having plasma rich platelets injected into your scalp can be a great way to get hair restoration. PRP is the part of the blood that doctors feel largely contribute to healing soft tissue and wounds. Because of this, it can help rejuvenate your scalp and encourage your hair follicles to produce more hair.

3 – Robotic Hair Restoration

This is a great option for those interested in hair transplants but hesitant because of the scars. Robotic hair restoration (ARTAS) can help with hair restoration but is so minimally invasive that you won’t be left with scars.

4 – Masking Your Hair

If you’re still waiting for treatments to work, or you’re skeptical about undergoing procedures or taking prescriptions, using makeup, sprays or hair building fibers can be a great way to cover up thinning hair. These aren’t permanent, but they can help you to look and feel better while you find a treatment that you’re comfortable with.

5 – Hairpieces and Wigs

In a similar vein, if you’d prefer to not undergo treatments, you can use hairpieces and wigs. This can be a fun option, as it gives you the ability to change your appearance to fit any occasion. This option can suit any income level, as well, as you can get different quality and grades. You can get either synthetic or real hair wigs, styled or a more natural look.

So regardless of what you choose to do, there are tons of options out there for you. Some people have even looked into more natural home remedies and essential oils to help with hair loss. You can find tons of helpful advice from men who have been where you are. Ask what worked for them and talk to your doctor about what he or she thinks might work for you.