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The Jawbone UP2 is a minimalist fitness tracker. It doesn’t have GPS and doesn’t push any notifications to your phone, and unfortunately it doesn’t include an optical heart-rate sensor. It just does the basics, but it does them pretty damn well. It can track the quantity of steps you take each day, your overall distance traveled. It can also track the amount of calories you’ve burned.

jawbone fitness tracker

Other Features

The Jawbone UP2 also has sleep tracking onboard. A software update last year even made it so you didn’t have to tap the band to put the band in sleep mode. All of your activities are recorded automatically, which finally brings Jawbone up to the same caliber as Fitbit, Misfit, and Garmin.

It’s a great fitness tracker for the price. You can usually find them new for around $99.

Here’s a couple of YouTube videos with reviews: