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The Relationship Between Exercise and Stress

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The Relationship Between Exercise and Stress

May 2, 2018      In Products 2 Comments

It is a well known fact that exercise can help in stress relief, but what is much less well known are the scientific reasons for the benefits that we get from exercise.

Exercise initiates the release of several chemicals within the brain. One good example is the ‘endorphin high’ which many runners get as the brain releases opiate-like chemicals which the body uses as natural pain relievers and which is well documented.


The brain is also responsible for the release of various neuro-transmitters such as norepinephrine, serotonin and dopamine all of which have been shown to have beneficial effects as mood elevators.

Once again, the effect of low levels of these in causing anxiety, depression and sometimes even aggression is well documented.

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As well as triggering the brain into releasing chemicals that are of assistance in reducing stress, exercise also lessens the release of various chemicals that are by-products of stress.


For instance, when an individual finds himself under stress the body’s sympathetic nervous system produces chemicals such as cortisol and several hormones which, if left in the blood, could harm the blood vessels and produce scaring and even narrowing of the arteries.

Exercise can assist in solving this particular problem in two different ways. First, a workout will make use of these compounds by breaking them down into harmless products that are passed out in the urine.

Blood Vessels

Second, exercise assists in strengthening the blood vessels and gives them increased elasticity so that they can better withstand attack.

One of the more common consequences of stress is tense muscles, especially in the shoulders, calves and neck and exercise can help to loosen these.

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As well as these chemical effects there are also various psychological benefits to be derived from having a regular exercise routine.

Supplements and Shakes

Concentrating your attention on a workout routine takes your mind away from the whole variety of things which could be producing stress in your life and it is extremely hard to concentrate on the things that are distressing you and to concentrate on your exercise routine at one and the same time. If you need to, you could drink a pre-workout shake like Infinite no2 supplements.


In addition this effect assists by giving your mind the opportunity to bring about what is referred to as homeostasis.

In simple terms this is one of the body’s feedback mechanisms which works to return your body to a state of equilibrium and a strenuous workout which takes your mind off your worries will also allow this system time to kick in.


Naturally there are a number of other psychological benefits which follow on from regular exercise such as the self-confidence that can be gained from simply improving your overall health and fitness. This is a case of ‘when you look good then you frequently feel good’.

As well, it helps you to appreciate that you are exerting effort to improve your body and mind and that you are doing something which is positive instead of merely giving in to the feelings of helplessness and the resultant passivity that frequently go along with stress.

Get Rid of Stress

It is very easy to find that the things in your life which are placing you under stress have become the central focus of your attention and just putting them to the back of your mind can frequently lead to dramatic results.

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  1. Patrick says:

    Great article. It’s interesting to learn how stress can be relieved with exercising.

  2. Marge says:

    I didn’t realize there were so many chemical things happening in our bodies when exercising.

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